The Managed Care Blues is a funny, heartbreaking, and emotionally transparent memoir that chronicles the transition from a time when compassion characterized the American health care system to our present era where corporate greed prevails. Included are final chapters detailing real solutions on how we can fix our broken health care system—critical solutions missing from America’s 2010 health care reform act.

Reader Reviews:
"I enjoyed his journey through school, his experiences with his patients, and his compassion for his patients and practice."
Another stated, "I found the author's personal life story was informal, friendly, and easy to read."
One said, "Humor, case history, informative on skin. Scaring the crap out of me on health care, I should choose a PPO, the least of two evils."
The Managed Care Blues:
A Doctor's Journey through a Broken Health Care System and How We Can Fix It

by Gavin Preston, MD
Coming 2019
"Lower cost, higher quality care for Americans"